The Big Apple

Sometimes, as a musician, you have to go with the flow. With about two days advance notice we packed up the old honda and headed down to Greenwich Village to play at an 80th birthday celebration. Leaving on a Friday evening, we stopped at some dear friends house in Waccabuc, if for no other reason than to say we have been to Waccabuc, NY. Not much time for visiting that night since we arrived late.

The next day we headed into the city a little early and drove around the almost completed 9/11 memorial site. Very impressive! The party was a blast and we made some new friends to boot.

Started out of the city and of course there were traffic events. An entire block of traffic had to back up and onto the Avenue of the Americas due to something (who knows) that was going on farther up the street. Made if back to Waccabuc with the last 15 minutes or so filling the air with the lovely sound of breaks gone bad.

Headed home at the crack of Tony Orlando the next day and got home by late morning. All in all a great trip, except for the brake repair the next day (UGH).

Love those last minute change of plans.

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