Nice and warm

We had such a great time down south in the sun we thought we would just do one more short trip. Down to Chepachet, RI this Sunday for an afternoon acoustic show in a wonderful old church. Come and join…Read more

Time to settle back in.

We had a wonderfully successful tour out to the mountain time zone and back. 6800 miles in two weeks! Man, it's a big country, and you really get to see the diversity driving across. We only hit rain one day…Read more

One week to go!

Oh boy, it's almost time to pack up the old Honda and head west. We will be making our way out through the midwest and over to Ames, Lincoln and Denver before a swing up to Moose, Wyoming. Then back…Read more

Way out west.

Only about a month before we take off on our driving tour out to Wyoming and back. Oh, and we do get to stop and play some music along the way. Still filling in some dates so there will be…Read more

And so it goes.

We've moved on from strawberries to blueberries up north here, which means the maple trees will start turning soon. But before the snow comes we've got a little more summer to enjoy. It's been a good one so far in…Read more

Dog days of summer

The heat and humidity are here. Enjoy it while you can since, at least here in Vermont, the winter will coming around soon enough.

We are putting on the finishing touches of our western tour for next October, with stops…Read more

The Big Apple

Sometimes, as a musician, you have to go with the flow. With about two days advance notice we packed up the old honda and headed down to Greenwich Village to play at an 80th birthday celebration. Leaving on a Friday…Read more

Spring Fling recap - Part Two

Our last day in Maryland and the weather finally was what we were hoping for. Warmth and sunshine all around. Of course we had to leave and do some driving but it was a nice way to start the day…Read more

Change in the air

Wind is howling. Snow is melting. Sump pump is chugging along. Temp change of 30+ tomorrow. Must be spring in VT.

Sunday Old Time Jam

Head into M-Pelier for Old Time Jam at the Skinny P. 3:30. Come on down. There will be Banjos.

Tweet tweet

Yup, Shady Rill is now on Twitter. Feel free to tweet the twits at your leisure. #@shadyrillvt